Identificatie van projecten van gemeenschappelijk belang met betrekking tot het Noordzee Offshore elektriciteitsnet


Europese Commissie, DG ENER





The EU has set as a policy goal  that 20% of the gross final energy consumption should be met by renewable sources by 2020. Offshore wind plays an important role in meeting this target. Improving the North-South interconnections and integrating the future offshore wind especially in the North Sea is an important part of the overall challenge to provide an overall European grid infrastructure that is prepared for the future. Many new projects have to be implemented in order to realise such a structure. Stakeholder support is crucial for an effective and smooth process towards realisation of these projects. Furthermore, priorities between the various projects proposed have to be set which is best done by the stakeholders themselves. Therefore, the Commission has established regional planning groups in which all key stakeholders take part. The overall objective of this project is to optimally assist the task of one of  these working groups to select priority infrastructure projects which are of common interest to the stakeholders.

Case study: